Olympic Gold Medalist Catriona Le May Doan

"Saskatchewan is my home and I'm proud to tell people that I'm a Saskie, even though I now live in Alberta. I feel tremendous pride to have represented Saskatchewan Blue Cross since 1999. To me, this partnership represents a home town, community-driven platform to share my journey as an Olympian, a Champion, a Canadian, and a mom.  

"I am the proud mom of two wonderfully active children. Being active physically and participating in my community are extremely important to me and my family, and I appreciate the commitment of Saskatchewan Blue Cross to those same values.

"It has always been important to me to have the best health care benefits available, for me and for my family. Saskatchewan Blue Cross coverage is my assurance that, if something does happen, we're covered. I travel a lot and the last thing I want to think about is how I'm going to pay for an unexpected bill when I'm away from home. Whether it's an accident or an illness, Blue Cross means my family is prepared."

Catriona is a 3-time Olympic medalist in speed skating and the first Canadian athlete to defend a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Known as the fastest woman on ice, she held the Olympic record in the 500m for 12 years. Now, in addition to focusing on her family, she is also a talented motivational speaker and Gemini award-winning broadcaster. Catriona has covered four Olympic Games, co-hosting CBC’s primetime Countdown to Beijing in 2008, joining the CTV Olympic broadcast team for the Vancouver 2010 Games, and co-hosting CTV's Olympic Morning at the London 2012 Games. She is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and currently active in many different charities and community projects. 

Visit Catriona's website and follow her on Twitter @Catrionald.