5-24 Employees

At Saskatchewan Blue Cross, we work with you to ensure the plan you are designing is right for you and for your employees. And when you have the right plan in place, your employees will be engaged and motivated at work.

We offer customized plans for business of all sizes. If you would like a custom benefit plan, you are welcome to choose from our 25+ Employees options.

Happy employees help foster success and grow businesses.

How Our 5-24 Employee Plans Work
Extended Health Care & Travel Benefits

Starting at $28.79 / person

Every plan comes with 17 benefits including the following:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Hospital Services
  • Medical Practitioners

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Custom Options

We have 8 optional benefits to choose from including the following:

  • Vision Care
  • Dental Plan Benefits
  • Life Plan Benefits
  • Short and Long Term Disability

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Want to learn more about how to customize your plan?
Contact your local Insurance Broker or...

Meeting Your Needs

We work with you to ensure your employees have the coverage they need for their basic health care needs. The process is easy, and we’re always happy to help.

  1. Start with our Extended Healthcare Benefits Package and add any Custom Options you may need.
  2. Once you have your contract, we will provide you and your employees with a booklet that provides the details of your benefits, including maximums and eligibility.
  3. We provide ongoing plan administration training and support.
  4. Claims can be submitted, as per your Group Benefits Plan contract, using the Group Member Services App, which makes submitting and viewing your information easy.