Custom Group Benefits (20+ Employees)

Employers can create a custom benefit plan that provides employees with their basic healthcare needs as well as additional specialized benefits such as vision care, travel insurance or access to an employee family assistance program.

By designing a comprehensive plan that provides employees with access to a variety of healthcare options, you can create a positive workplace culture that stimulates growth and boosts your bottom line.

How Our 25+ Employee Plans Works

Fully customizable, choose from a comprehensive selection of benefits designed to provide sustainable coverage for medium to large-sized employers.

Extended Health




Disability Insurance*



Additional Information and Options

We make sure you are taking care of your employees as best as you possibly can. The following information helps you understand the options that allow you to maximize benefits to you and your employees.

  • Life Insurance

    Basic Term Life Insurance

    Allow your employees the security of knowing that in the event of their death, or in the death of a dependent, financial support will be available for their families. Money paid to beneficiaries will allow them to cover funeral costs and any outstanding debts.

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    Accidents can happen at any moment. Our accidental death and dismemberment coverage provides financial security when an employee and their family are faced with such tragic circumstances. This coverage provides coverage for:

    • An accidental death
    • The accidental dismemberment of part or all of a limb
    • Loss of sight, hearing or speech
    • Fractions of the principal sum are payable for other losses

    Dependent Life

    Life insurance is also an option for children and/or spouses that are included in the plan.

    Optional Group Life Insurance

    Optional Group Life Insurance provides protection over and above your Basic Group Life Insurance coverage. It allows your employees to choose the amount of coverage that will meet their needs.

    Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) provides financial support over and above Basic AD&D in the event of an accident that results in death or serious injury.

  • Disability Insurance & Management

    Disability insurance replaces a portion of your employee’s income if s/he becomes disabled and is unable to work. A disability can be the result of, injury, a serious illness or a mental health issue. There are a number of different kinds of disability insurance, including:

    • Short-term Disability Insurance provides weekly benefits for up to 6 months
    • Long-term Disability Insurance (LTD) provides monthly benefits for disabilities lasting 4 months or longer
    • Top-up Coverage may be purchased by eligible employees to enhance an employer's disability coverage

    Every disability claim is unique. And behind each, there is an employee undergoing a traumatic experience and an employer managing an organization. We focus on active dialogue with everyone involved – it's the only way to achieve a successful outcome.

    Return to Work Focus

    • We assess rehabilitation potential in-house on an ongoing basis as just one of our strategies to minimize claim duration

    Case Management

    • We actively manage the claim from the time we receive it, interacting with the employee, the physician, the employer and all other relevant stakeholders.
    • We coordinate resources that are appropriate to each situation. Services include:
      • early intervention activities,
      • independent medical exams,
      • multi-disciplinary assessments,
      • claimant visitations,
      • vocational rehabilitation assessment,
      • resume assistance, and
      • gradual return to work programs.
    • We lower the potential for disruption in payment with our one-application process for a smooth and efficient transition between short- and long-term claims.

    Local Presence

    Disability claims are managed by staff who work and reside right here in Saskatchewan. We are readily available and look forward to meeting with employers regularly. We maintain strong relationships with provincial health professionals and service providers, while leveraging the benefits of our national Blue Cross network.

  • Critical Illness

    Protect your employees against the financial impact of unexpected events and put cash in their hands for the extra expenses associated with a critical illness. Unlike disability insurance that provides monthly installments to replace a portion of an employee’s income, critical illness insurance provides a lump sum cash payment. The benefit is paid regardless of the employee’s ability to work or of expenses incurred.

    Your employees may use the payment in any way –– there are no restrictions on how the money is spent.

    For example, they may choose to use the money to:

    • pay for the costs of bringing home friends or family members in his/her time of need
    • pay off outstanding debts
    • help with home renovations required to accommodate new physical limitations

    Eligible health conditions:

    Life-threatening cancer
    Severe heart attack
    Severe stroke*
    Alzheimer's disease
    Loss of speech
    Major organ failure
    Major organ failure requiring transplant
    Motor Neurone disease*
    Multiple Sclerosis*
    Parkinson's disease*
    Senile dementia

    * These four illnesses must also result in the inability to perform at least two of the five Activities of Daily Living without assistance. These activities are eating, dressing, bathing, ambulation (walking) and toileting.

  • NEW! Online Doctors

    Support plan members’ health and wellbeing with Virtual Care. 

    Introducing best-in-class virtual care benefits. Connected by Maple, Online Doctors connects plan members and their families with Canadian-licensed general practitioners online in under five minutes, anytime, anywhere. 

    With Online Doctors, your plan members can feel better, faster with on-demand general practitioner visits. 

    Learn More

  • Employee Spending Accounts

    Health Spending Account

    Health Spending Accounts are a win-win for you and your employees. They can have the choice they need, and your business can stay cost efficient over the long term.

    Getting choice in health care

    Health spending accounts allow your employees to get reimbursed for expenses not covered by the group plan or government programs.

    • Expense claims must meet the eligibility criteria of the Canadian Revenue Agency
    • The health spending account can be used to reimburse amounts in excess of health and dental limits.

    Personal Wellness Account

    Allow your employees to address their health and wellness needs on a more holistic level by providing support for their physical health, mental and emotional health, career health and overall quality of life. If you already offer support for these kinds of areas, we allow you to bundle everything together into one single benefit.

    The wellness spending account means you can allocate an amount of your choice every year to support employees in a number of ways including:

    • Weight and nutritional counseling
    • Smoking cessation
    • Fitness & sports fees
    • Personal interest courses
    • Child care services, camps & programs

    If you would like to hear about our full list of options, please contact us today.

    We make it easy for you

    Health spending accounts can be purchased with a group plan or as a stand-alone product. Once you specify the amount of pre-tax credit (minimum of $50) to be deposited into an account, we will take care of the rest and manage administration of the account on your behalf.

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

    EFAP provides your employees with direct access to professional counsellors, coaching and support. By adding this to your group plan, you can provide that little bit of extra care for your employees.

    Providing choice

    Counselling is available in person, by telephone or online. Offices are local and appointments are made quickly, with your convenience in mind. Do you have a preference for location, gender, appointment time? Our EFAP partners do their best to accommodate your preferences.

    Maintain confidentiality

    Our EFAP partners are bound by law to maintain confidentiality at all times, including from the employer. The goal is to help everyone be well, and part of that is ensuring that your employees have the safe space they need to get better.

    Counselling that helps

    EFAP helps you take practical and effective steps to improve well-being and be the best you can be. Within a supportive, confidential and caring environment you can receive counselling for any challenge.

  • Second Opinion

    Second Opinion is like adding an extra layer of protection in the care your employees will receive, should they be faced with a serious medical condition. It’s about ensuring your employees get the right care, at the right time.

    Helping employees find care

    Second Opinion broadens treatment and care options for eligible plan members and dependents with qualifying medical conditions. Completely confidential, Second Opinion will help your employees gain access to independent medical review from top specialists.

    The best care in the world

    When your employee calls the Second Opinion service line, a case manager will help him/her through the process, provides the necessary release forms and contacts the treating physician to collect medical records.

    The case is then reviewed by an independent team of specialists, who work together to develop a deep understanding of your employee’s situation. A written report is then provided to the employee and his/her treating physician. This can help avoid unnecessary and invasive surgeries and treatments.

  • Cost Plus

    Supplement your existing group plan in the most cost effective way. As an employer, the benefits of cost plus include:

    • Flexibility — Help cover costs that are limited or not included in your current plan.
    • Tax-deductible expenses — Eligible expenses and administration fees may be considered as a business expense
    • Human resources strategy — Attract and retain the best employees
    • Convenience — You pay no monthly premiums
    • Cost effective — You provide tax-free benefits to your employees at a lower cost than other plans.

    Easy to use

    Available to all employees of your organization who are covered by a Blue Cross health and dental plan, Cost Plus allows employees to be reimbursed for expenses that are partially covered. It’s a simple claim process, and means your employees get their money back faster.

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Meeting Your Needs

We work with you to ensure your employees have coverage for their basic health care needs. The process is easy, and we’re always happy to help.

  1. Start with our Extended Healthcare Benefits Package and add any Custom Options you may need.
  2. Once you have your contract, we will provide you and your employees with a booklet that provides the details of your benefits, including maximums and eligibility.
  3. We provide ongoing plan administration training and support.
  4. Claims can be submitted, as per your Group Benefits Plan contract, using the Group Member Services App, which makes submitting and viewing your information easy.


*This website contains an overview of Custom Group Plans offered by Saskatchewan Blue Cross. It is not intended as a contract or policy, nor a complete description of all benefits. Critical illness, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Term Life and Student Accident & Life benefits are underwritten by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada®, an independent licensee of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans.