Request Sponsorship

Saskatchewan Blue Cross supports projects, events and organizations that are like-minded in their focus on impacting the improved health and wellness of Saskatchewan residents. Our support is demonstrated by community partnerships and donations to over 200 local organizations annually. Our community investment strategy focuses on creating partnerships with organizations province-wide to encourage health and wellbeing for Saskatchewan people.

To be eligible for support, requests must demonstrate the following criteria:
  • Alignment with our corporate vision, values and community investment strategy
  • Saskatchewan-based with goal of benefiting Saskatchewan residents
  • Significant opportunities for brand exposure and/or networking opportunities
Tips to create a successful request:
  • Describe the community benefits of your project or events
  • Outline sponsorship opportunities – levels of support and accompanying benefits
  • Demonstrate plan for evaluating success of the event

Please note some requests may meet all criteria but be declined due to time or budget constraints, or because we are supporting your cause in another way. Contact us if you have questions.

Requesting Sponsorship