You Asked, We Listened.

Bigger, better benefits are here!

We're excited to introduce a range of plan enhancements driven by you, our members. As a valued Saskatchewan Blue Cross member, you'll soon get even more from the Personal Health Plan you already know and trust. Check out the table below for a complete list of changes. 

Get more than ever from Saskatchewan Blue Cross!

Benefit enhancements.

So, you've got some questions. Well, we've got answers!

What do you need to do to take advantage of these enhancements?
Absolutely nothing! Your Personal Health Plan will automatically upgrade as of January 1, 2019. If you’re an existing Conversion plan member and would like to take advantage of the new Prescription Drug Maximum, you can call us at 1.800.USE.BLUE® or visit your local broker to upgrade.

When will the enhancements take effect?
You can start enjoying your new benefit enhancements as of January 1, 2019. Previous amendments and limitations will continue to apply. For further information, contact Saskatchewan Blue Cross directly. Policy brochures along with policy amendment documents will be provided upon request.

Can I choose to keep my previous benefit levels?
The enhanced benefits are offered as a part of our standard coverage for both Blue Choice® and Conversion. Due to inflation and increased health care costs, we want to provide you additional benefits, so you have less out of pocket expenses for routine and unforeseen medical costs.

What coverage do I have?
Your coverage is unique to you! Both of our Personal Health Plans cover 20 core health benefits; you may have also selected one or all of the seven optional benefits when applying.  You can find this information in the welcome kit you received with your policy details. You can find more detailed information about our Blue Choice® plan here and our Conversion plan here

What is a Conversion plan?
A Conversion plan is for those leaving an Employer Benefits Plan. Whether you're going through a job change or retiring, you can take advantage of this opportunity to convert your coverage by applying within 60 days of leaving your Employer Benefits Plan. 

For existing Conversion members: How and when can I upgrade my Prescription Drug Option?

  • An upgrade to the $1500 Prescription Drug Maximum is available to all Conversion members starting January 1, 2019, and available anytime throughout the year.
  • Following 2019, the upgrade may only be done at your renewal date.
  • A verbal request is sufficient for upgrades. Call 1.800.USE.BLUE® or visit your local broker to upgrade.
  • Coverage will begin the first of the following month and rates will commence at that time.
  • It is important to note that a downgrade (back to $500) may only be done one time per policy and only at renewal. Once the policy has been amended to the downgrade, no further upgrades are available.

Will existing members receive a new policy brochure or ID cards?
The updated policy brochure will be available online, from your local broker or upon request as of December 1, 2018. New ID cards will only be issued upon request.

Can my previous claims be re-assessed at the new coverage levels?
Your previous claims will still be based on date of service and contract terms.

  • Date of service: Services following January 1, 2019, will be eligible for coverage as it relates to the new benefit levels.
  • Contract terms: Expenses related to the vision and hearing aids benefits are only eligible within the stated terms of the contract/date of service. Therefore, if you submitted an eye exam claim December 1, 2018, you would not be eligible for another eye exam until December 1, 2020. At that time, you will be able to enjoy the increased level of coverage.

Will my premiums be going up?
On an annual basis, we conduct a review of our Personal Health Plans to ensure our products are competitive. You will receive your annual renewal letter and rate adjustment on your policy anniversary, as per previous years.

Still have questions about the enhancements to your plan?
We're committed to providing you with exceptional customer service. Please note, we've been experiencing higher than normal call volumes and thank you for your patience. For any additional questions please contact us or call us at 1.800.USE.BLUE®.