9 Fun Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy at Home

By now, you may have exhausted your own list of fun activities to do with your family. To help keep you and your family entertained, we’ve compiled a list of fun ideas to inspire some family fun!

Have a picnic

Now that the weather is (finally) warming up, it’s the perfect time to pack up a picnic and enjoy a meal outdoors. While it’s still important to practice physical distancing, a picnic in the backyard is a great way to get outside. Grab all your favourite picnic food items (sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit, and beverage of choice) and head outside to enjoy the sunshine. Don’t forget to bring out a Frisbee or football to throw around.

Have a family game night

This idea might seem obvious or overdone, but switch things up by learning a new card game or purchasing a new board game online. Spice things up even further by making it a tournament! Some healthy competition can add fun to your classic family game night.

Let the kids cook dinner

Depending on the ages (and skill) of your kids, you might need to help out a little, but let them pick the menu and make all the decisions! This is a fun way to get a little break, but also provides an opportunity to teach your kids a new skill. Make it extra special and help them set up a ‘restaurant’ in your kitchen.

Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather

I’m sure we have all been taking advantage of the opportunities to get outside when we can. This is so important for both physical and mental health. It also helps to give your family a change of scenery. With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the time to get out the bikes, roller blades, and sports equipment to help get the kids moving!

There are tons of ways to have fun right from your backyard as well. Check out our Push2Play app for fun games to fit any situation.

Get creative!

Getting creative is another great way to keep your kids busy for an afternoon. Let the kids get messy with paint, beads, chalk, and markers. Bring the crafts outside and make games using chalk or spruce up some old t-shirts by tie dying them.

If you are feeling fresh out of ideas for how to get creative, click here for a Pinterest board dedicated to arts and crafts.

Have a family movie night (with a twist)

Again, you’ve probably been doing this for the past 6 weeks.. but switch things up buy combining it with going ‘camping’ inside. Build a fort to fit the whole family, then load it up your favourite snacks and put on a movie. Don’t be surprised when most of the fun is had while setting up for the big feature. Find as many comfortable blankets as you can and enjoy a movie under a blanket fort.

Make a Bird Feeder

A perfect spring activity is to make a bird feeder! If you make it now, you can enjoy watching the birds from your backyard all summer. Having birds nearby makes for musical mornings listening to them sing.

If you are not sure where to start, click here to read more about how to make different bird feeders from recycled materials.

Bake a new recipe

Baking can often take longer than we expect, especially when there are little helpers. Right now is the perfect time to shift your perspective from rushing to get the cupcakes to the bake sale to enjoying the journey with your kids. Slow down and take the time to teach them about the process of baking. Make it a learning experience for everyone and try a new recipe. Trying a new recipe is an easy way to switch things up when we are bored of our regular routines.

If baking is not your thing, morning brunch is another delicious and fun way to start a weekend day. Are you getting tired of all your own recipes? Click here for some breakfast inspiration.

Create a Dress-Up Box

Did you ever play dress up as a kid? Set up a dress up box for your kids to play with! Include any old clothing items you have lying around and old costumes from Halloween, plays, or dance. This could keep the kids busy for hours creating new characters and scenarios to play out.

Still looking for more ideas? Pinterest is a great tool for hundreds of ideas! Click here to start browsing more ways to keep your family busy.

Thanks to for a few of the ideas! If you want to learn more, click here.

As we ease into a second month of physical distancing, check in with yourself. Are you still doing okay? If you’re experiencing any anxiety in these uncertain times, there are many resources available to you that may help. Many employer-sponsored health plans offer an Employee and Family Assistance program (EFAP) that can help you access support. Don’t have employer-sponsored coverage, or don’t have access to an EFAP? You can also access help online via online counselling platforms. Do a Google search to find a platform that could work for you.