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What you need to know about Ozempic

You’ve seen it in the news, on billboards and even social media. Here at Saskatchewan Blue Cross, we field a lot of questions... but what exactly is this drug everyone is talking about? What is Ozempic? Ozempic is a brand name of the drug semaglutide, which has been approved by Health Canada as...

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How Medical Underwriting Affects Your Health Insurance

Navigating the world of personal insurance can feel overwhelming, especially when faced with terms and processes unfamiliar to the average person. Medical underwriting often stands out as particularly confusing for many. However, medical underwriting is an essential part of the health insurance i...

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Client Spotlight: Hope’s Home

If you ask Jacqueline Tisher to describe what she does, she might tell you that she’s the founder of Hope's Home, the first medically inclusive childcare centre in Canada, or she might tell you about her background in pediatrics as a Registered Nurse, but likely not before telling you about her n...

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Spotlight on Men’s Health: Movember & More

November is the month to shine a light on men’s health here in Saskatchewan. You can join in the conversation by participating in initiatives like Movember and talking to your friends about mental health. Did you know that men die an average of 5 years earlier than women? It’s true, and many c...

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Supporting Healthcare Throughout Rural Saskatchewan

Sometimes it’s the most unlikely piece of equipment that makes all the difference in hospital patient care.  Something as simple as a table that allows patients to sit together, regardless of whether they use a wheelchair, Broda chair or conventional chair, can go a long way to supporting healthc...

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Embracing Community, Supporting Health Literacy, Committed to Reconciliation

With wide-reaching community impact, Saskatchewan Blue Cross is committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of all Saskatchewan people for generations now and those to come. We place priority on giving back to the community through programs and initiatives that advance health literacy. Healt...

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