Personal health insurance

Your health insurance needs are as unique as you. With a Personal Health Plan that’s customized to meet your needs, you can feel confident knowing you and your family are protected against unexpected medical expenses.

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Flexible health insurance that works for you

Fill the gaps in your provincial or workplace benefits with a customizable health insurance plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross.

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Health insurance plans

Conversion plan details

Leaving a workplace benefits plan? Apply within 60 days of your coverage end date to convert your coverage to keep you and your family protected. You’ll have guaranteed coverage with no waiting period for your health insurance benefits.

  • Guaranteed coverage when applying within 60 days from leaving an employer benefits plan
  • No waiting period
  • No medical questionnaire

Custom options Customize your plan with any or all of the following benefits.

Guaranteed Acceptance plan details

Enjoy total health coverage, with no medical questionnaire required. Guaranteed Acceptance provides core health benefits, prescription drugs, dental, VIP travel, and optional Student Accident coverage.

  • No medical questionnaire
  • Guaranteed coverage
  • No waiting period
  • Total health coverage

Custom option Customize your plan with Student Accident coverage, available for families with children between 4 and 24


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Frequently Asked Questions

I am retiring and looking for a health insurance plan. What plan should I be looking for? Icon/UI/plus-circle

You’ve reached the retirement milestone, congratulations! Our Conversion Plan is designed to support you through this important and exciting transition. Simply apply within 60 days of your group benefits ending and the Conversion Plan will offer no interruption in coverage, no waiting periods, and no medical review.

The Conversion plan is designed to coordinate with many provincial and federal programs – including the Seniors Drug Program, which results in a decrease in your premium starting at age 65.

Are you ready to design a Personal Health Plan that fits your needs and lifestyle? Apply today!

When does my Personal Health Plan coverage take effect? Icon/UI/plus-circle

For Blue Choice® plans: Your coverage begins on the first day of the month following the approval of your application and the receipt of your payment.

For Conversion plans: Apply within 60 days of leaving an Employer Benefits Plan and experience no interruption in coverage.

I’m leaving my employer; how do I convert my benefits? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Simply apply within 60 days of leaving an Employer Benefits Plan and we’ll transition your Health, Prescription Drugs, Dental and Travel benefits into a new Conversion Plan with no interruption in coverage. If you wait until after 60 days you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire.

Will coverage under my Conversion Plan be identical to my Employer Benefits Plan? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Coverage may differ. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply, or benefits offered as part of your Employer Plan may not be available in a Conversion Plan.

How do I know which plan or options are right for me? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Our dedicated team can help you understand and choose the coverage you need, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Get in touch here.

Who is considered a dependent? Icon/UI/plus-circle

For Personal members: An applicant’s spouse, unmarried child up to 18 years of age (or up to age 25 if a full-time student at an accredited educational institution) or any disabled child unable to leave the care of the policyholder.

For Group plan members: An applicant’s spouse, unmarried child up to 21 years of age (or up to age 26 if a full-time student at an accredited educational institution) or any disabled child unable to leave the care of the policyholder.