A healthier you in 2022: 20 wellness goals to inspire you this year

If you’re looking for new ideas on how to keep well in 2022, consider this list as a starting point for your own wellness plans.

Happy New Year! This time of year is often one filled with reflection, ambition, and anticipation for the year ahead. For some, new year’s resolutions have a focus on weight loss or starting a diet. Instead of focusing on just this one area, we encourage you to look at your wellness from a whole health perspective, considering the many other aspects of your health and the small changes you could make to work towards a healthier you in 2022.

Reminder: the best goals are attainable ones! Try to avoid creating goals that feel like a huge challenge right off the bat. Breaking goals down into measurable chunks makes sucess more achievable and encourages you to keep working towards attaining the next step. Check back next week for details on how to set SMART goals!

  1. Try one new thing every week. Whether that’s trying a new recipe or starting a new project, let your imagination inspire you.
  2. Start a journal and make an effort to write in it on a regular basis. If you’re not sure where to start, write a letter to your future self, explaining where you want to be in one year’s time.
  3. Tell your loved ones that you love them, and often.
  4. Think about what self-care means for you, and make an effort to engage in self-care on a frequent basis.
  5. Make a movie, book or music bucket list and have fun getting through each one before 2023.
  6. Drink more water.
  7. Schedule out your vacation time and make sure you use up all your offered vacation days. Taking time to recharge your battery is important for a fulfilling life.
  8. Create a cleaning schedule, and stick to it.
  9. Make a goal for the amount of savings you’d like to have by the end of the year. Try out a spending freeze a few times throughout the year and see how you make out, or plan a new budget and try tracking your expenses.
  10. Make an effort to take full advantage of your health and wellness benefits. If you don’t have any health coverage, let 2022 be the year you invest in your health with a Personal Health Plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross.
  11. Tidy up your life. Go through your closet and give away clothes you don’t wear, make your way through your inbox to start the year off fresh, throw away any products that you don’t use out of the bathroom, and clean out your pantry and fridge for any food items that are expired or you just don’t like.
  12. Establish balance between your work and personal lives. Try setting a hard stop and start time for your workday, so you don’t find yourself cutting into your personal time away from work.
  13. Meal prep for one meal a day. If you’re someone who often skips breakfast, spend a few minutes each week prepping your breakfasts so you always have some ready to go on hand.
  14. Learn something new each week. Find a new podcast that interests you or an audio book on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about. Now is the time to act on your curiosity!
  15. Explore new hobbies – or revisit an old one you haven’t got to in a while.
  16. Establish a regular sleeping pattern. Going to bed at night and waking up at the same time each morning can help you to establish a routine throughout the rest of your day.
  17. Prioritize your mental health and wellness. Try MindBeacon’s Stronger Minds resources to get started.
  18. Make your bed every morning. This starts your day with a feeling of accomplishment that you’ll carry through the rest of the day.
  19. Commit to doing physical activities that you actually like. Hate running? Try cycling or cross country skiing instead. Find joy in activities that make both your mind and your body feel good.
  20. Try meditating. If you’re not sure where to start, apps like Calm or Headspace can help guide you into the process. Read more about the benefits of meditation in the new 2022 Wellness Guide, available for free download here.

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman and Good Housekeeping  for a few of these ideas!

Kickstart 2022 by taking care of you. A Personal Health Plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross offers coverage for health practitioners to keep you feeling your best. Relax with a massage or finally take care of that troublesome back pain with a visit to the Chiropractor. Click here to learn more about a Personal Health Plan.