Get moving! Staying Active at Home.

Check out a few resources and ideas for staying healthy and fit while practicing physical distancing.

There has no doubt been a large number of changes to our daily routines over the past few weeks. Taking care of ourselves is important all the time, but especially during extra stressful and challenging times. Ensuring we are taking the time to stay active and moving every day is important. Although working out and getting active might look different at home, there are still many great ways to keep yourself moving.

Get outside

Getting outside for fresh air and access to natural light is great for both physical health and mental health. As most of us are spending more time inside than we previously were, getting fresh air and staying active with a walk or run is a great way to get a change of scenery. But remember, it’s important to continue to follow local authority recommendations regarding physical distancing.

Power clean

Thinking of creative ways to get moving right now is a must. Is there a specific area of your house that could use some special attention? Scrubbing the bathroom floors or washing your windows might have felt like a chore last month, but treat these tasks as a way to get your body moving while you can’t complete your regular workouts. You might surprise yourself with how many steps you can walk while running around the house cleaning. Tip: make a few extra trips running up and down your stairs to get your heart rate up.

Online Workouts

There are many resources for finding workouts online. Below are a few to get you started. Whether you have equipment at home or not, one of the below workouts is bound to work for you!

No Equipment Required

No equipment? No problem. Below are several at home workouts that can be completed without any equipment. If you try a workout and it is not for you, don’t give up! Try out a different one until you find one that you enjoy. Tip: try each workout a couple times before deciding you don’t like it.

Full Body

Targeted Areas

Are you missing the flexibility of being able to do whatever you want at the gym? Check out this list of 30 different moves you can use to create your own routine.

Equipment Required

Perhaps you have some workout equipment at home and are not sure how to put it to good use. Below are several workouts that require minimal equipment. If you don’t have any traditional workout equipment, make do with what you already have in the house. For example, you can use cans or boxes as weights and towels or coffee filters as sliders.

Full Body

Targeted Areas

If you are tired of the more traditional at-home workouts, check out your local fitness studio for a streaming service. Several fitness studios have created a streaming service to complete their workouts from home. For example, Saskatchewan’s The Local Barre has created an online platform where you can access their barre workouts from home. New workouts are being added weekly to keep things fresh. This is a great alternative to finding new workouts to complete if your favourites have been adapted to digital!

There are still many great ways to stay active while being at home. Try out one of the above workouts or try adapting your routine to fit your new situation. Perhaps you will find a new workout you really enjoy. Invite your friends to get active with you and complete the same workout together over a video chat. It’s fun to stay connected while doing something good for you!

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