Why Travel Insurance for Canadians is Important

Whether travelling within Canada or to and from Canada, Canadians need travel insurance. It’s important to leverage the perks and protections that travel insurance for Canadians offers. Take this time to find out what the difference is when travelling within versus outside of Canada and what’s unique about travel insurance Canada.

Travel insurance within Canada

Make a Saskatchewan Blue Cross Travel plan part of your plans for stress-free travel. Our travel plans provide coverage for trips outside of Saskatchewan, whether you’re taking an international adventure or exploring Canada.

For travel within Canada, you might consider going without travel insurance since there isn’t the added risk of emergencies or loss in foreign countries where an ocean is usually separating you from home. However, it’s important to know your provincial healthcare only covers you while in your province of residence. There are still risks when travelling within Canada, such as luggage loss or damage, ambulance rides, hospital stays, and any flight delays and cancellations.

That’s why we suggest travel insurance for Canadians, even when you’re staying in Canada. Our Canada Package travel plans offer the same great coverage as our international travel plans, at reduced rates. Choose from the Medical or All-Inclusive package to best fit the needs of your trip.

Travel insurance outside Canada

Travelling outside Canada can be exciting, but caring for your health in an emergency can be more complicated. There are additional risks when outside your home country and more to think about. Your travel insurance plan can be adapted to provide the necessary coverage and peace of mind.

If you travel outside Canada without travel insurance coverage, you’d be responsible for any fees related to medical treatment in an emergency. When travelling beyond Canada, it’s essential to get a travel insurance plan that covers you in case of emergency.

Make sure your plan will cover you for the entire duration of your trip. You can customise a plan with the right amount of coverage with Saskatchewan Blue Cross. Explore travel insurance options at Saskatchewan Blue Cross to compare coverage and choose the plan that works best for your travel habits.

Most importantly, outside of Canada, costs and processes are different. The right travel plan will help with relocating you to a hospital or home and paying for medicines, surgeries, or hospital stays.

Travel insurance for Canadians: the details

The benefits

Travel insurance in Canada offers healthcare coverage, especially important when travelling outside the country. It takes away the stress of what ifs:

  • What if I don’t have access to the medicine I need?
  • What if I get into an accident and can’t afford healthcare?
  • What if I can’t pay for an ambulance ride?

These concerns are quelled with travel insurance. Overall, get peace of mind with travel insurance for Canadians and be free to enjoy your trip to its full extent, whether that’s a weekend trip to another province, an expedition to a European country, or something more.

The risks avoided

With travel insurance, you won’t just get coverage for medical emergencies. Some plans can also help you avoid the risks of an unexpected delay or cancellation. Associated costs may be covered, and your trip can go on as planned, albeit with a small adjustment. If the trip is cancelled altogether, the costs of the flight and accommodation will be reimbursed.

You won’t need to spend a fortune of your own money to cover healthcare costs since foreign hospitals and medical centres can be expensive. Travel insurance will cover your healthcare needs should they arise. You won’t have a debt to pay off for the following few years.

Should your luggage be lost, damaged, or stolen, a travel insurance plan could cover the costs of replacing it. Travel assistance is also available 24/7 to help if you’ve lost important travel documents like passports or visas.

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