5 Budget-friendly summer activities to keep you busy

The end of the school year is in sight, and soon kids will be home with a need to keep busy. With gas prices and inflation continuing to rise, here are a few ideas for affordable family activities!

Picnic in the park

What better way to spend a day than in the park with your family, friends, and some of your favourite foods? Pack yourself a picnic basket and head for your favourite local park. Lounge on a sprawled-out blanket while your kids run and play. Who knows, your inner child might be inspired to come out!

Nature-themed scavenger hunt

We all know that kids love collecting. A nature-themed scavenger hunt is a great way to teach your kids about local flora, fauna, insects, and other wildlife. Challenge them (and yourself) to find something new on your next family outing!

Visit your local farmer’s market

Even if you’re not there to buy, farmer’s markets are a great weekend activity! Take in the local talent and learn about all the small businesses in your community.

Go stargazing

Did you know that Grassland National Park is home to the darkest dark sky preserve in Canada? Whether you head out of town or head to your backyard, stargazing on a clear night is a great free activity! Grab a blanket and a beverage, get cozy and take a moment to appreciate all that the universe has to offer.

An adventurous hike

Saskatchewan is full of beautiful hiking trails. Head out for a day of exploration on the trail network to see what you might find! Check out Tourism Saskatchewan’s Trails pages for some inspiration! If you are travelling out of province, be sure to keep your reliable & affordable SBC Travel Insurance up to date – just in case!