Fun Activities to Embrace this Winter

Don’t let the cooler weather get you down – winter in Saskatchewan can be amazing! Keep reading for a list of some of our favourite winter activities.

It’s no secret that winter in Saskatchewan is very cold and can feel like it lasts for ages. Instead of dreading the cold weather, try embracing it and finding activities you love doing to keep you warm this year! With beautiful scenery, trails, rinks, and hills, there is no shortage of fun winter activities in Saskatchewan.

Ice skating

Whether you are a seasoned pro or are just learning to skate, this activity is a staple in our Canadian winters! With skating rinks all over the province, make an effort to get out skating on a regular basis. If you’re keeping moving, your toes should stay toasty warm!

If you’re in Saskatoon and area, check out this list of places to go skating this winter. If you’re in Regina, check out this list of places you can go.

Build a campfire

Take advantage of this unseasonably warm winter to enjoy something we typically save for summer! Bundle up and head outside with a hot chocolate to enjoy a winter campfire. If you don’t have a firepit at home, check for day-use fire pit areas in the parks around your area! Make sure you bring your s’more materials or a few hot dogs and some roasting sticks to make the most of this activity.

Hiking or a winter walk

Have you checked recently if your favourite trail is open (or at least cleared of snow) this time of year? Hiking in the winter can be hard work, but it’s a great way to get moving with minor equipment needed – just make sure you wear lots of layers and bring warm winter gear with you!

If you’re just looking for some fresh air, set time aside to go for a walk around your neighborhood or stay warm by grabbing a coffee from a local coffee shop and strolling around a new area.

Online workout classes

Sometimes getting outside is not an option. When it is just too cold, windy, or snowy to get outside, stay active with an at home workout! If you’re looking for some ideas, check out our blog post sharing 5 At Home Workouts to Try here.

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