Have you explored Southern Saskatchewan? Our Summer Adventure Recommendations!

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure this summer, look no further than your backyard! Southern Saskatchewan is home to a host of exciting places to explore with friends and family. From camping in the badlands to a stay in historic Moose Jaw, there is something for everyone to explore.

Arresting views of the prairies are a feature of Southern Saskatchewan’s parks!

With several expansive parks to choose from, your adventures are only limited to your imagination. You can choose from gorgeous day adventures, backcountry camping, and even glamping. Whether you choose the beach or the backcountry, you’re in for a great weekend!

1. Grasslands National Park is perfect for hiking, camping, and biking!

If you’ve never been to Grasslands, you need to stop procrastinating! This gorgeous park is one of Canada’s most unique national parks and is home to many rare animals and breathtaking views of the prairies and the night sky. As one of the dark sky preserves in Canada, it is a perfect spot to stargaze and enjoy incredible views of the milky way and the Northern Lights!

Grasslands National Park offers many accommodations from backcountry tenting to glamping in their oTENTik sites. If you’re more adventurous, the backcountry and equestrian camping options will satisfy and challenge you! Be careful to check fire bans and camping recommendations before you head out.

2. Explore the province’s lush landscape at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park!

Rolling hills, expansive trails, and refreshing beaches are all features of this gorgeous year-round park. Whether you choose the centre block or the west block, you’re sure to find an adventure that suits your mood.

The Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is divided into two areas. The centre block features full-service camping, resort, swimming pool, beach, ziplines, and more! This area is great for an easy and fun-filled family getaway. If you’re looking for a rustic adventure, the west block is a wilderness area with minimalist camping and amazing trails.

3. Saskatchewan is home to expansive sand dunes.

The Great Sand Hills, located between Sceptre and Leader, Saskatchewan, is an expansive 1900km sand-filled area ready for your next adventure. The desert-like area results from ancient glacial sand deposits and is filled with native grasses and rare animal species. This is the perfect spot for an exciting day hike and picnic. With camping sites in the nearby town of Leader, you can make a fun-filled weekend out of your adventure. If you’d like to visit, head to the Great Sandhills Museum to get more information and maps of the area.

4. Big muddy is worth the drive!

The badlands of Saskatchewan are an other-worldly experience! Formed by ancient glaciers, the sandstone and clay structures like Castle Butte dot the prairie landscape and make an incredible horizon. There is lots to do in Big Muddy, including engaging tours of the badlands, golfing, camping, St. Victor’s petroglyphs, and a host of local museums and art galleries.

Explore the historic city of Moose Jaw!

Host to a variety of attractions, Moose Jaw is an exciting small city in the heart of South-Eastern Saskatchewan.  Moose Jaw was officially established in 1903 after decades of colonial settlement, and it is the fourth largest city in Saskatchewan. The original architecture in Moose Jaw has been preserved, making it an ideal place for history buffs to visit! Here are our favourite activities to enjoy while visiting this exciting city.

  • Visit the underground tunnels and get a look back at history!

    With two 50-minute tours available, you can make a weekend exploring the winding tunnels underneath Moose Jaw. Learn the stories about Chinese immigration and resilience or the Chicago Connection and the illicit activities carried out through the prohibition era. These tours are animated by actors that bring these stories to life and are a must-see for the whole family!

  • Get a picture with Mac the Moose!

    Holding the world record for the tallest moose, Mac the Moose is a fun photo-op for the whole family. Built by Saskatoon artist Don Foulds, this 32-foot sculpture is located at the visitor centre on Diefenbaker Dr.

  • Relax and unwind at the Temple Garden’s Mineral Spa

    This therapeutic geothermal mineral water pool is the perfect place to rest and decompress. Forget technology at the door and float your way to relaxation in restorative waters. Did you know that soaking in hot baths also promotes health and wellness? Discover your zen with these relaxing waters––the perfect spot for a romantic getaway!

Southern Saskatchewan is calling! What is your next adventure?

If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, we recommend visiting one of the amazing destinations in Saskatchewan’s south. Check out our Summer Wellness Guide for our road trip essentials. Happy exploring!