Here’s how to fit a workout into your busy schedule

Routines can often change as we move into a new season. Keep reading for a list of tips to help you stay active and motivated, even when you are super busy.

As we are slowly coming out of summer and into fall, it is that time where things are starting to pick up again. Although fall time might look a little different this year, the lazy days of summer are still coming to an end. We might not have the same free time or freedom to workout when we want. Keep reading for a list of tips to fit in a workout even with a jammed packed schedule.

Benefits to working out regularly

Taking care of your physical health is an important part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There are many benefits to exercising regularly that can help us lead happier and healthier lives. According to Healthline, staying active and exercising regularly has the following key benefits:

  • It can improve your mood
  • It is good for your muscles and bones – helps to build muscle and strengthen bones
  • Can increase your energy levels
  • Can reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • It can help skin health
  • It can help with brain health and memory
  • It can help with relaxation and sleep quality
  • Reduce pain and increase pain tolerance

Tips for working out even with a busy schedule

Staying active not only has great health benefits, but it can also make us feel great! Even when fitting in a workout might not be at the top of your to-do list, check out the below tips for fitting in time to get moving.

Schedule your workouts like you schedule other appointments. Write down your workouts for the week in your day planner.

Get moving while your kids are moving. If your kids are at activities, take that time to fit in a workout for yourself.

Make it a date with a friend or a significant other. Switch up date night to include a workout or even a walk around the neighborhood.

Change your mindset. Think about working out as something you get to do, instead of something you have to do.

Sneak in a lunch break workout. If the only time in the day you have to workout is at lunch, try taking this time a few days a week to fit in a sweat session.

Make good use of your at home equipment. Use your at home workout equipment and get in a few exercises while you catch up on your favourite show. Don’t have dumbbells at home? A full waterbottle or a couple of cans of soup can also do the trick.

Take the stairs. Power up your stair climbs and take the stairs when the opportunity presents itself. This is a great way to stay moving throughout the day.

Have fun while completing your chores. Put on some music and do your best to work up a sweat while completing your chores. Vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom is more enjoyable with your favourite song on.

Walk when you can. If you live within walking distance to the grocery store or other places you visit regularly, walk instead of driving!

Wake up earlier to workout. If you are not a morning person, this might not sound like the best idea, but give it a try even once a week to see if it is something you could get used to.

Make the most of your workout time, even if it is not that long. Perhaps committing to smaller amounts of time is more your style than spending an hour in the gym.

Always do something rather than nothing. Even if it is 10 squats and a few walking lunges to make your way from the couch to the kitchen, take the time when you have it.

Make it easy to workout. Leave your workout clothes and shoes set out so it’s a quick transition from your other obligations throughout the day to your workout.

Include your kids or family in your workout. Grab the family and head outside for a walk, run, or bike ride.

Socialize on the move. Instead of catching up with friends on the couch or out to eat, suggest going for a walk instead.

Set reminders to get up and move throughout the day. If you have a smart watch, keep your eye on your step count and let it motivate you to get moving.

Thanks to Polar and Shape for some of these tips!

If you are working out and staying active, it is important to continue to look after your body. A Personal Health Plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross offers coverage for Health Practitioners including chiropractors, athletic therapists, and massage therapists.