Spring Wellness Bucket List

Read more below for some fun ideas to stay well during this spring season! We challenge you to complete as many as you can.

Although we’re not experiencing a typical Spring season this year, there are many fun activities that you can still participate in. We’ve put together a list of our favourite Spring activities and invite you to complete as many as you can.

Make sure you are drinking enough water everyday! Being out of our regular routines can sometimes impact something as simple as drinking water. Use a fun water bottle during the day to inspire you to stay hydrated.

Clean out that ‘problem area’ in your space. That could be a whole garage needed a clean out, or a closet that seems to attract miscellaneous items.

When you need a break from moving around, re-watch some of your favourite movies or try a few new ones! Spring is a great time for a refresh, and with lots of us watching a bit more TV lately, it’s good to keep things fresh.

Try a new at home workout. If you need some inspiration for one to do, check out this blog post from last month where we link many different options for working out at home! If yoga is more your thing, check out our blog post from a couple weeks ago about different types of yoga classes with online class options.

Read a book. Sometimes it’s great to have a break from all the screen time with a good book. If reading really isn’t your thing, try an adult colouring book! This is another great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Get enough sleep most, if not all, nights of the week. It’s recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Again, with schedules and routines having been off lately, try your best to maintain healthy sleeping practices.

Try one new thing. That could be learning a new sport from someone in your household, trying a new product, or learning a new skill. Switch up your regular schedule with something new this season.

Run around outside. Whether that is with your kids, a pet, or in a moment to yourself, take a few minutes to unwind and enjoy the sunshine.

Go for a bike ride. Grab some snacks and water and head out for the day! Ride your favourite trail, or try a new one. Explore your area on two wheels instead of four.

Check in with yourself. How has your mental wellness been lately? Take some time to practice mindfulness activities this spring. Read our blog post from last month discussing a few tips for dealing with hard times. If you’re struggling, check out the free digital platform Stronger Minds from BEACON for a little help with your mental health. Blue Cross is sponsoring the service to make it free for all Canadians.

Try new recipes! Spring is the perfect time to start incorporating fresh ingredients into your meals. Try planting an herb garden to use herbs as your fresh component. Also try using a recipe that incorporates seasonal produce that you may only be able to access during certain times of the year.

Time for a new playlist. It’s easy to get stuck listening to the same music for months on end. Refreshing your music this season is a great way to boost your mood and keep you motivated for whatever your day brings.

Take a moment to reflect on your goals. If you are unsure where to start, check out our blog post from earlier in the year all about setting goals and taking action.

Spend some time in nature. Spring is a time of growth and renewal and as things start to refresh for the summer, make an effort to spend time outside! Whether you go for your favourite nature walk or enjoy getting your yard together, spend at least a couple minutes outside everyday. If you don’t have a yard, consider buying a new house plant or a few herbs to look after!

Give your space a refresh. Are you tired of looking at the decor (or maybe lack of) in your house? Spring is also a great time to give your environment a sprucing up. Try moving things around from different areas of the house to avoid going out to shop, or take a look at some online sales to have new pieces delivered to your door. This is also a great opportunity to take stock of your belongings and donate or sell the items you no longer have use for.

Pick up an old hobby. We all have hobbies that once occupied a lot of our time that we don’t do as much anymore. Maybe you were learning a new instrument or a new skill (knitting, sewing, cooking, etc.), and life just got in the way. Remember why you loved that hobby and give it another try!

What items from the list interest you? Spring is a time for growth and renewal with nature, but it can also be a time to fresh aspects of your own life. Happy Spring! 🌼

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