Staying Home & Maintaining Wellness

Keep yourself and your family productive and maintain your mental and physical wellness by trying some new activities.

With many changes having come our way this year, we are without a doubt in a time of uncertainty. While most of us are spending more time at home, several questions can arise. How do I stay busy doing those activities that make me happy? How am I going to keep my family occupied? Outlined below are a few activities that you can do, even if you are staying home to help maintain your mental and physical wellness.

Find Fun Ways to Spend Your Time

  • Have a game night. Are there any old games that you have lying around that haven’t gotten much use lately? Bring them out! An old favourite is bound to bring up some funny memories from past times. There are also tons of online games or apps that your family could try to freshen things up! Make it a tournament to add some competitive fun.
  • Try a new Recipe. Trying a new recipe is a fun way to add something new to your day. Do you have any ideas that have been sitting on your Pinterest page for a while? Revisit some old pins or even your own cookbook collection for some ideas.
  • Have a movie night. Take turns picking out your favourite movie to watch! Or better yet, start a series. Put on your favourite movie or find some new ones to watch. Relaxing on the couch watching a movie is a fun way to pass the time. Is there a really long movie that has been on your list? Now could be the time to watch it.
  • Get creative. Do a puzzle or colour in an adult colouring book (regular colouring books for the kids!). If you have any craft supplies in the house, pull them out! Keep your kids feeling creative and perhaps you can join in on the fun as well.

Stay Active

Watching movies and playing games is a fun way to unwind, but staying active even when you are at home is important. Keeping yourself active, as well as the family, might seem like a challenging task. If you are looking for ideas to get your kids moving, check out our Push2Play Games App. Available on the app store for Apple devices or online, Push2Play has many many games that suit all situations. Push2Play also allows for ultimate customization. You can customize filters to find games that are suitable for indoors, outdoors, single or multi-player, and the equipment you may have available. If you are looking for more ideas on how to keep the kids moving, also check out the Saskatchewan in Motion idea jar.

If your exercise routines have been greatly affected by spending more time at home, try to adapt them to fit your new circumstances. Check to see if your favourite workout has an online version. YouTube is a great place to start looking. There are also several local fitness studios that are offering online services. Reach out to your local gym or studio to see if they are offering any streaming services. If the online route doesn’t suit you, try using what you have at home to work up a sweat.

Finish a Project

Are you prone to starting projects and maybe not finishing them all the way through? This can be a challenge for many of us. Take this time to finish something off! That could mean cleaning out your hall closet or finally putting together that family photo album. Staying busy and getting projects off your to-do list will help you to feel like you are still being productive, even if you are at home.

Keep Routines Going

On a regular work day, do you start the day with a shower and getting ready? To keep yourself productive and feeling your best, keep as many of these routines as possible! If you are frequent gym patron in the morning, adjust your workout regime to a home-based workout to make this fit into your new situation and help to keep some regular routines.

Keeping your regular sleep routine is important as well. Although sleep is an essential part to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, 35% of adults do not get enough sleep. It’s recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. During time of uncertainty and heightened stress, making sure you are getting enough sleep will help ensure you are still putting your best self forward, and could help you stay healthy if you’re exposed to any germs.

Stay Connected

Although you might not be able to see all members of your family or visit your friends in person, don’t forget about the different ways you can stay connected to those closest to you. Set up a group FaceTime call with your friends, or a phone call with a loved one. Talking and staying in contact with the people in your life can help to make you feel less alone and isolated.

Find a New Hobby or Learn a New Skill

This could be a perfect time to learn something new! Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Or maybe this is a great time to learn how to cook. Ever considered taking up painting? Taking the time to experience new things, even though you are at home, is another good way to keep your days moving and feeling like you are accomplishing something.

Along this same note, teach someone in your household a new skill. Perhaps you know how to play an instrument or are an amazing cook. It could be fun to teach someone else a skill that you have! Could also be a great time to teach the kids a few things in the kitchen as well.

We hope to have inspired you to maintain wellness while spending more time at home. Although our daily lives are looking different right now, finding small ways to bring ourselves happiness is key to maintaining a positive and productive attitude.

If you’re having a hard time adjusting to spending more time at home or experiencing any anxiety in these uncertain times, there are many resources available to you that may help. Many employer-sponsored health plans offer an Employee and Family Assistance program (EFAP) that can help you access support. Don’t have employer-sponsored coverage, or don’t have access to an EFAP? You can also access help online via online counselling platforms. Do a Google search to find a platform that could work for you.

Stay well!