Wellness and the Holiday Season

Wellness during the holiday season doesn’t always mean sticking to your rigorous gym schedule – sometimes it’s enjoying a Christmas treat while spending time with your loved ones. We want to remind (and encourage) you to enjoy this festive season!

Juggling your health and fitness goals and sticking to your routine can be really challenging, especially while you’re enjoying Christmas traditions. With holiday parties and gatherings happening every week, going to the gym or grocery shopping for healthy food can hit the back burner. Remember, the most important thing about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the balance itself! This means that you can allow yourself a little room to enjoy yourself, especially around the holidays and special occasions.

Wellness during the holiday season can also include taking time for yourself and caring for your mental health, and sometimes enjoying a decorated sugar cookie is exactly what your soul needs. Just remember to enjoy in moderation, and don’t fully abandon your health and wellness while you’re focused on other things for a few weeks. Try to stay engaged with your health by doing things you love and that make you feel good, like hitting your favorite spin class or prepping a few healthy meals. Like the rest of the year, good food and a healthy sweat are a great way to alleviate some of the stress, especially the kind that can come hand in hand with the holidays.

Remembering what the holidays are really about can help to put your priorities into perspective. Enjoying family traditions with those you love are memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We are wishing you peace and joy this holiday season! Let us help you take care of yourself – a Personal Health Plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross is the perfect gift for your well-being. Plans purchased over the month of December are effective January 1 – sounds like a great way to kick off a year of self-care!