Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan in Saskatchewan

Health insurance isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. When it comes to selecting the right Saskatchewan health insurance plan, the abundance of options can make it feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, there’s an accessible solution right in front of you.

Why you need health insurance in Saskatchewan

Our province does provide health insurance, but there are compelling reasons to consider other options.


In Saskatchewan, you need to have a Saskatchewan health card in order to access provincially-funded health services. You also need to have a health card in order to apply for Saskatchewan Blue Cross personal health plans.

Newcomers or those returning after a long time may have to wait before getting provincial health coverage.  In these cases, the Visitors to Canada travel plan could be the right solution to cover your emergency medical care needs. 

Filling the gaps

Even if you’re eligible for the provincial plan, it’s essential to understand it doesn’t cover everything. Dental care, prescription drugs, paramedical providers like massage therapists or chiropractors, and certain specialist treatments may not be included. 

This is where private health insurance becomes invaluable. It steps in to fill those gaps, ensuring you won’t be left in a bind or facing financial strain, no matter your health needs.

Choosing the right health insurance plan can be daunting with so many providers to choose from. Saskatchewan Blue Cross is here to help with flexible and comprehensive coverage that stands out amongst the rest. So, if you’re seeking peace of mind and robust health insurance, consider a Saskatchewan Blue Cross personal health plan to make sure your needs are well taken care of.

Major suppliers available

When it comes to private health insurance in Saskatchewan, there are several providers to consider. SunLife, GMS, Manulife and Saskatchewan Blue Cross are some examples of major providers in the Saskatchewan health insurance market. 

SunLife offers three customizable health plans with an online portal for quick claims and benefits access. To qualify, you need provincial health and drug coverage. SunLife has good online claims and paramedical service reimbursements; however, the Basic plan doesn’t cover emergency travel or vision care.

GMS offers a convenient internet portal that allows you to submit a claim online. GMS also offers coverage for some counseling and speech therapy. However, vision and travel insurance is not included in their basic plan. Some plans have limited dental coverage, and hospital benefits may not be automatically included.

Manulife provides flexible coverage, like dental and prescription drugs, and an easy-to-use online portal. However, there are limits on hospital benefits and duration of travel insurance coverage. 

Why Saskatchewan Blue Cross stands out

Saskatchewan Blue Cross sets itself apart in the world of health insurance. Let’s dive into what stands out.

Comprehensive coverage

When it comes to safeguarding your health, Saskatchewan Blue Cross has it figured out. We’ve crafted plans with meticulous care to make sure we cover a wide range of health needs. Our policies offer comprehensive coverage for vision care, massage, medical supplies, physiotherapy, alternative treatments, and so much more.


We know every person is unique, and so are their health needs. That’s why Saskatchewan Blue Cross offers flexible plans you can customize based on your individual needs. Saskatchewan Blue Cross has the perfect fit for everyone, whether you’re young, have a family, or are nearing retirement.

Complementary plans

Health and life are interconnected, and Saskatchewan Blue Cross understands that. Blue Cross Life insurance is the perfect complement to your health coverage. You’ll be safe if you get sick or hurt, and your family will be taken care of if something happens.

Dedicated to service

Navigating the maze of health insurance can be tricky. That’s where Saskatchewan Blue Cross really shines—we provide expert guidance to all our members. You can count on our dedicated team to answer your questions, walk you through policy details, and lend a hand with claims. 

Competitive pricing

Now, let’s talk about something we all appreciate: getting the best value for our money. While Saskatchewan Blue Cross offers some of the most comprehensive plans in the market, our pricing game is also on point. We offer great coverage at an affordable price, giving clients good value for their money.

In a landscape with multiple health insurance providers, finding the right one is important. Finding the right plan is key. It should fit your health needs, give financial security, and reduce worry.

Contact Saskatchewan Blue Cross now for easy health coverage customized to suit your needs. Your peace of mind and well-being are our top priorities!

What’s inside…

If you’re in Saskatchewan and looking for the right health insurance plan for you, this blog can help you make an informed decision. Learn valuable insights into choosing the best health insurance plan in Saskatchewan, including the importance of considering private options such as Saskatchewan Blue Cross alongside the provincial health coverage. Eligibility criteria and options for newcomers are explained, emphasizing the need for supplemental coverage.

The blog also discusses major insurance providers in the region, outlining pros and cons and why Saskatchewan Blue Cross stands out, detailing its comprehensive coverage, flexibility, integrated plans, dedicated customer service, and competitive pricing.


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