Why do I need insurance?

Having the right health insurance means protection against the unexpected, plus proactive care for your lifelong wellness journey. Getting coverage early can also help ensure that you’re covered for more!

Here at Saskatchewan Blue Cross, we offer health insurance, travel insurance and life insurance — all of which include essential coverage for life’s different circumstances.

Ensuring you have the right health insurance – and enough of it – means you’ve got coverage for you and your family when new ailments and illnesses arise and the right support to proactively support your health and wellness needs today to support your wellbeing in the future. Prescription drugs, vision care, health practitioners like massage therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and psychologists, dental work and medical equipment are just a few of the things covered by health insurance. You can learn more about the coverage a Saskatchewan Blue Cross plan offers here.

Travel insurance protects you and your loved ones from the expected costs of emergency medical care when you’re away from home – whether you’re within Canada or abroad. Did you know that medical expenses may not be covered by Saskatchewan Health when travelling outside your home province? With a Travel Plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of in a medical emergency.

When the time comes, life insurance is there to provide peace of mind and reduce the financial burden of your passing on your loved ones. Whether you want to leave an inheritance for your children or grandchildren, cover funeral costs or ensure your family can stay in the home they know and love, life insurance has you covered. Learn more or apply for Life Insurance here.

So, how do you know what insurance you need, how much insurance you need and what those confusing insurance terms actually mean? That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of insurance and ensure your coverage fits you today and in the future.


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