If the government were to close the borders again, would you cover the costs of extending the trip, possible quarantine abroad or return to Canada?

Our responsibility is to advise and support our clients, while respecting the restrictions imposed by the various governments. Please note that:

  • Subsistence allowance does not cover expenses related to preventive or mandatory quarantine before returning tonthe country, on site or upon arrival at the destination.
  • Subsistence allowance expenses may be covered when a traveller must delay their return due to a medical emergency, including a medical emergency related to COVID-19.
  • A medical emergency means the person is suffering from serious symptoms that require medical attention and possibly repatriation.
  • We do not cover quarantine fees upon return to the country.

We advise all our clients to call us in case of any doubt or if their situation changes. Options to extend insurance coverage may be considered if a person becomes stranded abroad