How do I confirm if a provider is eligible?

For Personal members: Our Personal Health Plans include coverage for diagnosis or treatment by the following health practitioners:

  • chiropractor
  • chiropodist/podiatrist
  • physiotherapist/athletic therapist
  • registered massage therapist
  • psychologist/counsellor/social worker
  • naturopath
  • acupuncturist
  • speech-language pathologist

When a profession is regulated in a specific province/territory, we will confirm that the health practitioner is listed in good standing with the regulatory body that governs that profession. However, not all healthcare professions are regulated in every province/territory in Canada. As a result, some healthcare professions have developed associations which have varying membership requirements. Such associations are evaluated against established criteria to determine if their members will be approved providers with Saskatchewan Blue Cross.

We recommend you contact our Member Experience team to ensure expenses for services or supplies from a specific health practitioner are eligible for coverage before the expenses are incurred.

For Group plan members: Please refer to your group member portal, mobile app or employee benefits booklet for details on what your plan covers.