Frequently Asked Questions: Submitting Claims

Why is my camera black when I’m trying to take a picture of my claim on the mobile app? Icon/UI/plus-circle

If the app does not have permission to access the camera your screen will appear black when trying to take a picture of your document. To activate this feature, please go to the app permissions within your phone settings and allow the Saskatchewan Blue Cross member portal app to have access to your camera.

I’ve cancelled my plan. Will I still have access to the member portal to submit my claims? Icon/UI/plus-circle

If you have cancelled your plan, you will need to submit your claims via mail. Download the paper claim form here.

How will I know when my submitted claim has been processed? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Claims that have been submitted through the member portal will appear as received in the My Claims section of the main page of the portal. Once your claim has been assessed, each receipt will appear separately with the reimbursement details in the My Claims section.

I forgot to attach a document with my submitted claim. Can I cancel the claim and submit a new one? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Once a claim is submitted it cannot be cancelled. To submit the missing document, submit a new claim and include a note describing the situation in the Add An Optional Message section of the submissions page.

I need to submit my claim to the attention of a specific person. Can I still submit my claim through the member portal? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Yes. If you need to send your claim to a specific person, include the attending individual’s name in the Add an Optional Message section of the submissions page.

If my other coverage has not changed, do I still need to fill out the Other Coverage details? Icon/UI/plus-circle

If there have been no changes to your other coverage, you do not need to complete these details. If there has been a change to your other coverage or you haven’t yet provided the information for your other coverage, please complete the Other Coverage details to ensure we have the most accurate coverage information for you. Changes might include cancellations, changes in benefits provider, or other updates.

If I do not have a required document for my claim, can I still submit my claim and send the document afterwards? Icon/UI/plus-circle

In order for our team to properly assess your claim, we need all the required documentation. Please wait and submit all required documents at the same time as your claim.

How long do I have to submit my claims? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Members have 12 months from the date of service to submit claims to their plan.