Travel Assistance

To submit a Travel Claim, call the Saskatchewan Blue Cross Travel Assistance Provider within 24 hours of your medical emergency.

Within North America 1-866-330-3633 toll-free
All other locations 1-306-667-5299 collect

Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Be prepared to provide:

  • your policy number
  • trip information
  • brief description of the medical emergency 

Our Travel Assistance Provider will direct you to the nearest medical facility equipped to provide the treatment you need. They will contact our office to confirm your benefits and keep us updated on your medical situation. If required, they will also arrange transfer to another medical facility or evacuation to Saskatchewan, and assist in contacting your family or business contact.

Following a medical emergency, documentation to support date of departure or paid expenses may be required. If you wish to file a claim for expenses you have incurred outside your province of residence, please complete our Out of Province Benefits Claim Form and submit to Saskatchewan Blue Cross with your paid receipts.