News April 18, 2024

NEW CE Accredited Course: Empowering Healthy Lives – Newcomer to Canadian Citizen

As we anticipate the arrival of nearly half a million newcomers to Canada in 2024 and 2025, it crucial for us as insurance professionals to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to support individuals in their journey towards Canadian citizenship. 

Our latest continuing education course, “Empowering Healthy Lives: Newcomer to Canadian Citizen”, is tailored specifically for advisors in the medical insurance industry. This comprehensive course aims to delve deep into the unique challenges faced by newcomers upon their arrival in Canada. 

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Why this course matters:

Newcomers often encounter various hurdles as they settle into their new lives in Canada, with navigating the complexities of health care and health insurance being a significant concern. As advisors, it’s our responsibility to not only understand these challenges but also to offer meaningful solutions that promote the well-being of our clients. 

What you’ll gain:

By engaging with the course content, you’ll develop a profound understanding of the pathways and unique challenges faced by newcomers and how health insurance plays a pivotal role in their journey towards Canadian citizenship. From deciphering various immigration pathways to offering tailored solutions, you’ll emerge from this course equipped with the expertise needed to guide your clients effectively. 

Successful completion of the course will grant you 1 (one) Continuing Education (CE) Credit. 

Course highlights:

  • Deciphering various immigration pathways as a Newcomer to Canada 
  • Understanding the unique healthcare needs of Newcomers 
  • Navigating the intricacies of Canadian health insurance policies 
  • Guidance from community partner, Lori Steward with Global Gathering Place Saskatoon, on offering culturally sensitive support to diverse clients. Check out a snippet from the course: Global Gathering Place – Supporting Informed Decision Making

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