News February 28, 2024

Personal Travel: 2024 rate adjustments and Health Declaration updates

Effective March 5, 2024, our Personal Travel products will be subject to a rate adjustment. This adjustment includes rate increases for specific products and benefits and Health Declarations updates.

All quotes created before March 5, 2024 will become void unless purchased prior to this date. 

We strive to manage costs wherever possible and take great care to minimize any price increases for our members. With inflation and rising health care costs while travelling, we have adjusted our rates to keep premiums affordable with a focus on protecting members while they are away.

Rate increases

The following products are subject to rate increases as of March 5, 2024:

Emergency Medical Care

  • A rate increase will be applied to the Emergency Medical Care benefit for all ages under the Individual, Annual, Top-up, and Visitors to Canada Travel plans.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

  • A rate increase will be applied to the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit for all ages under the Individual and Annual Travel plans.

Health Declaration changes

To align with the Travel market, we have expanded the scope of the Health Declaration age and duration requirements. These changes are designed to mitigate all potential risks and gain a comprehensive understanding of our members’ health to tailor their travel premium more accurately for them.

Health Declaration Current Changes
A Ages 0-54: Travelling any length of time Remains the same
B Ages 55-75: Travelling 31 days or less Ages 55-59: Travelling 17 days or less
C Ages 55-75: Travelling 32 days or more Ages 55-59: Travelling 18 days or more
Ages 76 and older: Travelling any length of time Ages 60 and older: Travelling any length of time

Watch our informative video on changes to Travel products

Saskatchewan Blue Cross Travel Product changes - March 5, 2024


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