News February 13, 2019

Saskatchewan’s Top Employers

For the third consecutive year, Saskatchewan Blue Cross is proud to have been named one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers.

Being named to the list of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers for 2019 is an honour and demonstrates the commitment of Saskatchewan Blue Cross to the health and wellness of its employees and the people of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Blue Cross is committed to both the professional and personal development of its employees.  Over the past few years, an investment in a program called ‘Destination Blue’, in conjunction with The Pacific Institute, has been rolled out internally to all staff. The program focuses on empowering individuals to reach their maximum potential while cultivating a culture of positive thinking, goal achievement and expanding possibilities.  These skills can be used both at work and at home, helping to support work life balance.

“Not only has ‘Destination Blue’ given employees additional leadership and performance skills but, interestingly, our staff who are parents have told us the program just sang to them in terms of handling the challenges they might have with their children more effectively,” says Arnie Arnott, Saskatchewan Blue Cross President and CEO.

In addition to this commitment to employees, the following reasons contributed to Saskatchewan Blue Cross being selected as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers:

  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross supports ongoing employee development with generous tuition subsidies (to $2,000 annually) for industry related certificates or other degree and diploma programs.
  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross encourages employees to keep fit with a free membership to an onsite fitness facility and subsidized in-house fitness classes.
  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross helps employees plan for a secure future with a defined contribution pension plan and a comprehensive health benefits plan.

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