News April 16, 2024

The Special Support Program (SSP) and how it supports group benefits plans

As the landscape of prescription drug costs continues to evolve, with escalating prices for both medications and their ingredients, the demand for specialty and high-cost drugs has surged. These trends underscore the growing importance of implementing effective strategies to contain and manage costs within group benefits programs.

At Saskatchewan Blue Cross, we recognize these challenges and are committed to addressing them through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships. The integration of the Special Support Program (SSP) offered by the Government of Saskatchewan is integral in helping us to manage costs for plan sponsors and their employees. 

Special Support Program integration

The SSP is a cornerstone of our approach to managing drug benefits efficiently. This provincial program provides financial assistance to individuals and families facing high prescription drug costs relative to their income.  

To seamlessly integrate the SSP into our benefits framework, we collaborate closely with plan sponsors to establish thresholds that trigger SSP enrollment for members. This proactive approach ensures that eligible members receive the support they need while maintaining cost control within the group benefits plan. 

Understanding the Special Support Program (SSP)

The Special Support Program, administered by the Government of Saskatchewan, offers crucial financial assistance for prescription drug costs. Its primary objective is to aid residents with significant drug expenses relative to their income. 

Eligibility criteria 

To qualify for the SSP, individuals must meet certain criteria, including: 

  • Saskatchewan residency 
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, and  
  • possession of a valid Saskatchewan health services card 

Additionally, the program evaluates income levels and prescription drug expenses over a specific period to determine eligibility. 

Application process

Individuals interested in applying for the SSP can do so through Saskatchewan Health or their pharmacist. The application process involves providing relevant personal and financial information to assess eligibility. Detailed instructions and application forms are available on the Saskatchewan Health website, along with comprehensive information about the program and frequently asked questions. 

Support and assistance

For those seeking further assistance or clarification regarding the SSP, dedicated support is available through the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Whether it’s navigating the application process or understanding eligibility requirements, individuals can rely on the expertise and guidance provided by the support team. 

By integrating programs like the Special Support Program into our offerings, we ensure that our members have access to essential prescription drug coverage while helping plan sponsors manage drug costs for their organization. 

For more information about the SSP and how it complements our group benefits plans, reach out to your Saskatchewan Blue Cross Account Executive.