News July 10, 2024

Summer travel trends: embrace domestic travel with confidence

The allure of travel remains strong among Canadians, despite rising costs and economic challenges. According to the 2024 Blue Cross Travel Study Report, over half of Canadians are eager to embark on vacations, with 71% opting for domestic destinations. This trend underscores a renewed appreciation for the diverse experiences Canada offers.

Key insights from the 2024 Blue Cross Travel Study

Optimism and creativity in travel plans

Canadians are not only optimistic about travel but are also getting creative. Many are looking for ways to enjoy vacations without venturing far from home, with 21% considering staycations, 44% planning to explore within their province and 45% aiming to travel outside their province but within Canada.

Domestic travel motivations

The primary motivations for domestic travel include visiting family and friends (49%), relaxation, exploring nature, and cultural exploration. Adventure travel also features prominently, with 15% of Canadians planning such trips within the country.

The rise of ecotourism

Ecotourism is gaining traction, with 82% of Canadians expressing interest and 26% having either taken or planning to take an ecotourism trip. This shift towards sustainable and nature-focused travel experiences presents a golden opportunity for Canadian tour operators to showcase the country’s natural beauty.

Understanding travel risks within Canada

While many believe their provincial health coverage extends seamlessly across Canada, the reality is more nuanced. Saskatchewan Health offers some coverage for medical emergencies in other provinces, but it may be limited. Travelers could face out-of-pocket expenses for non-covered services such as emergency ambulance services.

Secure travels with Saskatchewan Blue Cross

To address these coverage gaps and ensure peace of mind, Saskatchewan Blue Cross offers a comprehensive Canada Package travel plan. This plan provides robust coverage for medical emergencies and other unforeseen incidents that may occur while traveling within Canada. It’s a valuable resource for those planning to explore the country, ensuring they can enjoy their travels without worrying about unexpected medical expenses.

  • Coverage designed specifically for travel within Canada
  • Every plan includes Emergency Medical Care
  • Choose the package that best meets your needs
  • Flight Delay Service at no extra cost

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