News July 10, 2024

Your health matters: embracing comprehensive self-care

As we approach National Self-Care Day on July 24, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reconsider what self-care really means. Often depicted in pop culture as bubble baths and silent meditation sessions, true self-care is much more expansive and essential. Let’s dive into the details of self-care and its importance not only as a tool for relaxation but as a fundamental component of a fulfilling life.

What is self-care?

Self-care encompasses any deliberate action you take to preserve or improve your mental, emotional and physical health. Far from being just indulgent activities, self-care involves making conscious decisions that align with long-term health and happiness. It’s about maintaining balance, managing stress, building resilient relationships, staying physically active and setting boundaries to protect your energy and time.

Health insurance: your self-care ally

While it’s common to view health insurance as a financial safety net for when things go wrong, let’s expand our perspective: health insurance is an integral part of self-care. It ensures that you can access the healthcare services you need without the added stress of overwhelming costs. For us in Saskatchewan, while provincial health plans cover many basic health needs, there is a world of supplemental health and wellness products and services that are beyond its scope.

Beyond Saskatchewan health: the role of personal health plans

Saskatchewan Health primarily provides curative care, stepping in when illness strikes. However, the maintenance of health is a personal responsibility – one that we all carry as adults. A comprehensive personal health plan supports this by offering financial access to a variety of healthcare services that are crucial for preventive care. These services not only aid in recovery when we’re ill but also help in preventing illness in the first place, which is the essence of proactive self-care.

Take action: evaluate your health coverage

This National Self-Care Day, we encourage you to help your clients and members evaluate their health insurance plans. Are they aligned with their broader self-care goals? Do they support not just immediate health needs but also long-term wellness? Start the conversation. Our team is ready to help you review their current plan and make adjustments to ensure it truly supports their overall well-being. Contact your Saskatchewan Blue Cross Account Executive or today.