Coverage Details:

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance


Visitors to Canada travel insurance offers Emergency Medical Care coverage to tourists visiting from another country, immigrants or permanent residents awaiting coverage by a public health insurance plan, foreign workers or students, super visa applicants and holders or to Canadian citizens returning home after a long absence.

Choose from three coverage amounts for your Emergency Medical Care coverage:

  • $50,000
  • $100,000
  • $150,000 (only available to those 74 years old or under)

Your travel insurance plan will cover Emergency Medical Care up to your chosen maximum, and includes the following benefits:

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Hospitalization, medical and paramedical expenses

This coverage pays for customary and reasonable expenses due to an accident or illness that occurs during the coverage period while you are in Canada or on a side trip outside Canada. Emergency Medical Care includes coverage for the following, up to your chosen maximum ($50,000, $100,000 or $150,000):


  • Hospitalization costs in a semi-private room


  • Fees charged by a physician who treats you on site


  • Fees for private care by a licensed practical nurse (not your relative) during the period of hospitalization, when such care is medically required and prescribed by the physician treating you on site

Health professional services

  • The fees of the following legally authorized health professionals, when such care is medically required and approved by Blue Cross Travel Assistance, up to a maximum of $400 per profession:
    • Physiotherapist
    • Chiropractor
    • Osteopath
    • Podiatrist or Chiropodist (combined)

Tests and diagnostics

  • The costs of laboratory tests and X-rays when they are prescribed by the physician treating you on site for diagnostic purposes

Prescribed medication as part of emergency treatment

  • The cost of purchasing medication prescribed by the physician treating you on site, except when required for the continuous stabilization of a chronic medical condition

Medical devices

  • The cost of buying or renting crutches, canes or splints, the cost of renting wheelchairs, orthopaedic devices or other medical devices, when prescribed by the physician treating you on site

Emergency dental treatment

  • The fees of a dental surgeon for dental care required as a result of external trauma (not as a result of the voluntary insertion of food or of an object into the mouth), only when there is damage to natural and healthy teeth or for reduction of fracture or dislocation of the jaw, up to $2,000 per accident and per insured person. In all cases, the treatment must begin during the term of the contract and end within 6 months of the date of the accident. In addition, you must send us an X-ray demonstrating the damage sustained, taken after the accident but before the treatment begins.
  • For all other emergency dental treatments, except root canal therapy, the fees of a dental surgeon up to $300 per trip and per insured person.

Transportation expenses

Ambulance or taxi service

  • Ground or air transportation costs to get you to the nearest suitable medical facility, as well as transfer costs between hospitals when the physician treating you in Canada or at your side trip destination and Blue Cross Travel Assistance determine that available facilities are inadequate

Repatriation to your country of permanent residence

  •  When Blue Cross Travel Assistance authorizes your repatriation to your country of permanent residence following an illness or accident, the following expenses are covered:
    • Costs related to your medical repatriation – repatriation costs to your country of permanent residence by a means of transportation deemed adequate by the insurer to receive immediate medical care after receiving authorization from the physician treating you in Canada or at a side trip destination
    • Costs related to the repatriation of your travelling companion or an immediate family member – the costs for the simultaneous repatriation of your travelling companion or of any immediate family member who is also covered under this travel insurance policy if that person cannot return to the point of departure by the means of transportation initially planned for the return
    • Transportation costs for a medical escort – the round-trip transportation costs for a medical escort, when required

Expenses for the return or disposal of remains

  • In the event of death, the expenses that the insurer agrees to reimburse are:
    • The cost of preparing and returning the remains of the deceased to the country of permanent residence, excluding the cost of the coffin, up to $10,000, or
    • The cost of cremation or burial on site, excluding the cost of the urn, coffin, tombstone and any other related products or services, up to $4,000

Transportation expenses to visit or identify the insured person

  • Some expenses are reimbursed if one family member or one friend not travelling with you must travel to the scene of death for the purpose of identifying the remains
  • The expenses that the insurer agrees to reimburse for a single designated person are:
    •  The total round-trip transportation costs in economy class and by the most cost-effective route
    • Up to $300 for accommodation and meals in a commercial establishment

Subsistence allowance

Expenses for subsistence allowance

  • The insurer agrees to reimburse a maximum of $150 per day per insured person for the following expenses, up to $1,500 for a maximum of 10 days:
    • Accommodation costs in a commercial establishment
    • Meals
    • Essential phone calls
    • Taxi transportation
    • Childcare costs for dependent children who accompany you on the trip
  • These expenses will be reimbursed only when it has been determined by the insurer that you must postpone your return as a result of:
    • An illness or an accident that you experience, or
    • An illness or an accident that an immediate family member who is accompanying you experiences, or
    • An illness or an accident that a travelling companion experiences.

Travel Assistance

Services offered before arrival in Canada

Blue Cross Travel Assistance can provide information on visas and required vaccines before your arrival in Canada.

Travel medical assistance

If you must consult a physician or be hospitalized further to an accident or a sudden illness, you or a person accompanying you must call Blue Cross Travel Assistance immediately.

Depending where the medical emergency occurs, Blue Cross Travel Assistance will refer you to an appropriate facility and, when required, funds may be advanced to the hospital.

Medical assistance also includes the following services:

  • Confirming medical insurance coverage to facilitate your care at a clinic or hospital
  • Following up on the medical file and communicating with the physician treating you during your trip
  • Coordinating repatriation to your country of permanent residence when medically required
  • Coordinating the safe return home of your dependent children if you are hospitalized
  • Taking the necessary steps to bring in a family member if you must stay in hospital
  • Coordinating the return of your personal road vehicle if you are unable to drive it back to your residence because of an illness or an accident

General assistance

The Blue Cross Travel Assistance Services team is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team will provide the support and help you need, whatever the medical emergency.

  • Toll-free telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Coordination of claims, if applicable
  • Interpreter services for emergency calls
  • Assistance in the event of loss or theft of identification documents
  • Information on embassies and consulates
  • Referrals to a lawyer in the event of a serious accident
  • Settling of formalities in the event of death and repatriation of remains to your country of permanent residence.


This page contains an overview of the Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance Plan offered by Blue Cross. This is not a contract or policy, nor a complete description of all benefits.