9 Energizing Road Trip Snacks

This article was originally featured as part of the 2022 Summer Wellness Guide and was written by Courtney Berg, Vitality Nutrition‘s Registered Dietitian to share her best tips to help you improve your overall diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Click here to meet Courtney.

For your cooler

Vegetables and dip

Pre-cut your veggies and bring along your favorite dip like hummus, tzatziki, or guacamole! Veggies are loaded with fibre to keep your digestion regular while on the road. You could even add a high-fibre cracker for a more substantial snack (eg. try Wasa crackers or Mary crackers for more fibre).

Hard boiled eggs with fruit

Eggs are loaded with protein to keep you full for hours. Pair them with fruit for fibre and you have a well-balanced snack!

Turkey bites with portioned cheese

Protein is one of the most filling nutrients and helps to keep your blood sugar (ie. energy) stable through the day. Turkey bites with portioned cheese or cheese strings is a high-protein option that can be paired with fruit or veggies for a more filling snack!

To stash in your bag

Roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a 2 for 1 snack as they contain both protein and fibre. Roast your own chickpeas or purchase a store-bought version to share with your road trip companions!

A high fibre protein bar

Protein bars are the perfect, portable snack for traveling! We recommend choosing a bar with >3g of fibre and >12g of protein per serving. If possible, source bars with whole food ingredients and are low in added sugars. For example, Rx bars or Simply bars.

Homemade energy bites

Energy bites taste like a cookie but with the fibre, protein, and nutritious fats you need to keep you feeling well. Try this recipe for energy bites or do a quick Google search for a variety of tasty variations.

To grab at a gas station

Beef jerky

Beef jerky is a classic road trip snack to satisfy your salty

cravings while also being rich in protein. A protein rich snack like jerky will ensure you avoid a blood sugar spike that can lead to a crash in energy levels!

A protein beverage from the cooler

Ready-to-drink protein beverages are increasing in popularity. While they might not be an everyday go-to, they are a great option for an on the road protein-rich option that will keep you full for longer! Some options include Core Power or Premier Protein.

Fruit with nuts

Many gas stations will sell fresh fruit like bananas or apples or unsweetened dried fruit. When paired with a nutritious fat source (like nuts) you’ll create an energizing and satisfying snack duo!


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