Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started

How do I download the Personal Member Mobile App from my app store? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Within the app store, search for SK Blue Cross: Personal. Our app logo depicts a blue cross on a white background with the word Personal underneath the cross. Select Install and the app will be downloaded to your device.

Who can register for an account? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Only the main policyholder can register for an account on the member portal & mobile app. Family members or other policy members must use the same account.

How do I turn off the fingerprint or face ID option? Icon/UI/plus-circle

From the menu select the Settings & Security option located under preferences to access the app settings. In the Settings & Security menu, select Manage Touch or Face ID to toggle the feature on and off.

Can I register both my Group Plan and my Personal Health Plan on the member portal? Icon/UI/plus-circle

The member portal & personal member app displays your Personal Health Plan information only.  For information regarding your group benefits plan, you can access your policy through the group member portal or mobile app.

I have two Personal Health Plans. Do I need to register twice? Icon/UI/plus-circle

No. All Personal Health Plans for which you are the policyholder for will be displayed after your initial registration.

What amount should I use to fill in my last payment? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Step two of registering for the Member Portal/Mobile App requests your 'last payment' amount as a verification of your identity. This refers to the most recent payment made to Saskatchewan Blue Cross, which may or may not be your annual or monthly premium amount.  Refer to your bank statements for the most recent payment made to Saskatchewan Blue Cross.  If you haven't made a payment yet, enter $0.00 to proceed.

I received my registration confirmation email, which button do I select to open the mobile app? Icon/UI/plus-circle

Once you receive your registration confirmation email, the email will include an Open App button and a link below it to access the member portal. If you open the email on your phone and select the button it will open the member portal using the member app. If you select the internet link below the button, it will open the member portal in a web browser.

How many numbers are needed in the Policyholder ID Number Field? Icon/UI/plus-circle

In the Policyholder ID Number field, please enter all 11 digits as they appear on the back of your member card beside the policyholder’s name.