News April 14, 2021

Saskatchewan Blue Cross® Enhances Access to Virtual Care for Employers Through Maple

Saskatoon — Starting today, Saskatchewan Blue Cross group plan sponsors can enhance their health and wellbeing support for their employees by adding Online Doctors, a virtual healthcare product to their group benefits plan. Powered by Maple, Online Doctors delivers an industry leading virtual care platform. Plan members and their families will be able to access a Canadian-licensed general practitioner in under five minutes anytime, anywhere.

“The demand for virtual care continues to grow, and it’s essential that employers have options available to help remove barriers to exceptional care for their employees through their health benefit plans,” says Megan Douglas, VP Customer Relations and External Affairs. “This exciting partnership with Maple ensures that plan members can access licensed general practitioners 24/7 in under 5 minutes through a seamless and intuitive patient experience. The partnership is one of several enhancements taking place in 2021 to Saskatchewan Blue Cross plans and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of our members on their journey to whole health and wellness..”

Through Online Doctors, plan members can access care for acute, chronic and mental health, as well as store and share medical records, on an easy-to-use mobile application. Saskatchewan Blue Cross chose Maple due to their best-in-class digital experience, speed and convenience in being able to access a general practitioner, as well as their relentless focus on delivering high quality care. The Maple team provides impactful plan member engagement with strong program delivery for plan sponsors including communications, reporting, and ongoing support every step of the way.

“We’re so pleased to be partnering with Saskatchewan Blue Cross” said Christy Prada, VP Business Development, Maple. “The focus on patient experience and quality of care is well aligned to our values at Maple. It has never been more important for plan sponsors to consider new digital tools to support employee health and wellness. Barrier-free access to healthcare is a key way to support employee wellness, especially now as organizations see the impact the pandemic has had over one year later.”

As a part of an ongoing commitment to evolving digital offerings for sponsors and members, Saskatchewan Blue Cross launched a proprietary Personal Health Plan Member Portal earlier this year. The Member Portal allows users to manage their health plans online, submit claims quickly and navigate their plan with ease. The launch of a new Personal Health Plan Member App is also slated for spring 2021.

About Saskatchewan Blue Cross

For 75 years, Saskatchewan Blue Cross® has been committed to delivering exceptional health and wellness benefits, travel insurance and life insurance solutions to Saskatchewan residents and employers. A locally based, not-for-profit organization, it’s recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers, one of the Top 100 Companies in Saskatchewan, one of Canada’s Top 100 Brands (as part of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross® Plans), and proudly supports the wellbeing of more than 200,000 people through their individual and employer plans. With a mission to empower communities on their journey to whole health and wellness, and a vision for a future of lifelong health and wellbeing for every person in Saskatchewan, this team is committed to advancing and benefiting the communities they call home. Learn more at

About Maple

Maple is a technology platform that tackles some of the world’s most meaningful issues in healthcare, starting with timely and convenient access to doctors and other healthcare providers including dermatologists, psychiatrists, and oncology navigation experts. It allows patients to connect directly with doctors and specialists for medical care in minutes from their smartphone or computer 24/7, and also provides custom technology solutions for employers, insurers, hospitals, and clinics. Learn more at more information:

Cheryl de Villiers
Director, Customer Experience & Marketing, Saskatchewan Blue Cross 

Aliya Darvesh
Sr. Manager, Communications, Maple