News December 11, 2023

Saskatchewan Blue Cross partnering with Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan to improve mental health services

Saskatoon, Sask., Dec. 11, 2023 – Saskatchewan Blue Cross, a leading health and wellness solutions provider, is partnering with Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan providing $25,000 in support of their work as an advocate and representative of Friendship Centres across the province.

Currently, there are ten Friendship Centres that operate across Saskatchewan. These not-for-profit and charity corporations are connected through the collective voice of the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan, which serves as a voice for urban Indigenous people.

“Our funding of Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan ensures Indigenous people can access mental health services at no cost,” said Kelly Wilson, CEO of Saskatchewan Blue Cross.  “At Saskatchewan Blue Cross, we are humbled to offer our support, as we strive to empower and encourage lifelong health and wellbeing for every person in the province.”

Mental health has been a frequently recurring need, with over 80 per cent of Friendship Centres identifying accessible mental health support as a priority for both Friendship Centre staff and clients. With their partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Friendship Centres provide Mental Health Educators to support staff, clients and community members.

“Friendship Centres across Saskatchewan work to provide culturally relevant services to urban Indigenous people in Saskatchewan,” said Alicia Buckley, Program Director of Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan. “Partnering with Saskatchewan Blue Cross ensures our dedicated Friendship Centre staff will be able to continue to provide and expand this barrier-free service as needs grow and evolve with this opportunity.”

Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan spaces operate under a status-blind policy, meaning that anyone regardless of Status can use the services.

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